Converting to Organics

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Converting to Organics

? You are committed to going organic - use no tricks?
? Are you sincerely interested in upgrading your operation to a certified organic one?
? You have on-the-ground know-how but lack the confidence to deal with standard compliance and the processes taking you through an audit?
? Would you like some help with selecting the appropriate certification system for your operation?

If you can answer "yes" to each question, then you have found help right here.

Any Scale Operation

? General advice planning transition to sustainable management.
? Development Plans based on site-specific solutions.
? Individualised service.
? Choices of consultancy services offered (listed below).

Certificaton Trademarks

? AsureQuality New Zealand.
? Demeter New Zealand.
? New Zealand Biogro Ltd.


? Gardeners.
? Small-holders.
? Lifestyle-blocks.
? Commercial Horticulture & Farming >>> Certification.
? Woodlot Forestry.
? Human habitat integration.

Treedimensions Consulting

For delivery of all approaches to organic management

? Dieter Proebst.
? Forester, nurseryman, orchardist, consultant, tutor, auditor, author.
? B.Sc.Hons..
? Dip.Perm.Des..
? 25 years experience in planning.
? Private practice of land use consultant since 1984.
? Organic solutions only.
? Demeter certified operation near Motueka: orchard, fruit-processing.

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