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Treedimensions, Land Use Consulting

Land Use Consultants

Land Use Planning

Land use planning is based on the natural features of a block of land and the landowner's aspirations. A land use consultant or architect will provide options supported by feasibility studies for the proposed use of the land. From these options plans that harmonise commercial, economic, ecological and social or lifestyle factors, can be developed.

Land Use Consulting

Treedimensions Land Use Consulting

We offer a personalised land use planning service that aims at harmonious integration of our clients with particular and unique parcels of land. Sensible and successful ways to save time, work and money will ensure long-term productive and functional use of the land. We consider ourselves to be stewards and caretakers of this life-supporting habitat and therefore recognise the collective responsibility for identifying the best possible site-appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Our clients define the extent of services provided, which can range from a simple interview and site visit to a full scale land use development plan based on digital maps, involving resource consents etc.

Many of our clients are fascinated by living examples of permaculture systems and organic or biodynamic production units. Ranging from, maybe a one acre rural lifestyle block, to a diversified production unit hundreds of acres in size. Individually designed projects of appropriate scale and following workable time-lines are our speciality.

Land Use Consulting

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