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Dieter Proebst

Dieter Proebst

? Dieter Proebst - resident on his property near Motueka in the Tasman Bay area at the top of the south.
? Degree in Forestry 1976 (University of Munich, Germany) followed by
research assignments and work as management consultant in Bavaria.
? Immigration to New Zealand 1981.
? Self-employed nurseryman (Treedimension Nursery) organic orchardist and farmer from 1982 to 2000. 19 years of experience to call on.
? Permaculture training leading to a Diploma in Permaculture Design in 1992.
? Land use consulting experience of over 30 years.
? Tutoring on courses, seminars and workshops in a wide variety of disciplines related to land use, ecology, permaculture, organics and biodynamics.
? Active as consultant and farm advisor for the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association of NZ since 1991.

Land Use Consulting

Land use planning is based on the natural features of a block of land and the landowner's aspirations.

A land use consultant or architect will provide options supported by feasibility studies for the proposed use of the land. From these options plans that harmonise commercial, economic, ecological and social or lifestyle factors, can be developed.

Experience underpins this consultancy, we have been there and know all about avoiding mistakes. Mistakes which not only cost in financial terms but also, and probably more importantly, in time. Getting it right first time will save time and money in the long term. Contact us.


James McFarlane: In 1991 I asked Dieter Proebst to advise me on the small organic orchard I had just bought. I was impressed with his detailed analysis of the quality of the soil and such fruit trees as existed. He completed a planting plan and program for increase of production with guidance as to how to improve the impoverished soil. His advice has yielded the improvements he predicted. So it is with confidence I've just asked him to do a revision.

Sue & Rob Lane: We have known Dieter Proebst for about 6 years. Dieter helped us with advice when we established a native amenity area and a home orchard on our land on the Moutere. We also bought native trees, fruit trees and fruit from Dieter when he ran a nursery. Dieter is obviously passionate about his interests. For example his endeavouring to preserve our heritage by sourcing and growing hundreds of old varieties of fruit trees. We have always been impressed with Dieter's extensive knowledge of plants and all aspects of growing them. He shared his knowledge with us enthusiastically. We highly recommend Dieter to anyone seeking advice in these matters.

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